Kitchen hygiene with kitchen towel

kitchen towel

Kitchen a place where all the food is, and also where all the germs are. Many a times we often take this for granted and don’t engage in hygienic practices.

Bad effects of using cloth in the kitchen area:

In Bangladesh we often see people using pieces of cloth in order to clean the area before preparing food or to clean up any messes but this has hygienic implications. When a person uses the same cloth over and over again this accumulates germs which we not cleaned properly can be detrimental to health. To help with this problem we at Bashundhara have developed the Bashundhara kitchen towel.

The kitchen towel is the perfect way to get rid of not only the mess but also the germs in a hygienic fashion, this is because one piece of kitchen towel is not used twice which means there is no chance of contamination when cleaning areas in the kitchen before food is prepared.

Importance of cleaning of kitchen boards:

Among many other uses, there is also another very important use and that is the cleaning of kitchen boards. We use them every day to cut up vegetables, fruits, meat, fish and every other kinds of food. We are so used to using them but we never take into account how important it is for the kitchen board to be clean as the foods that are being cut on it are being consumed by everyone in the family. We know that these boards must be cleaned as they may be dirty but did you know these very boards have just as much germs as the toilet seats in your bathroom? In other words, it is as if you are preparing your meals on tip of the toilet seat. This can be detrimental to you and your family’s health.

To protect yourself and your family you need to ensure proper cleanliness of your kitchen board. To ensure a clean kitchen board, use a Bashundhara kitchen towel to wipe the board clean before use. By cleaning the board with the kitchen towel you can get rid of most of the germs that live on the kitchen board, thus providing a safer platform for your food to be prepared in, thus the next time you want to prepare something on your kitchen board, wipe that board with a kitchen towel and rest assured that you will be preparing safe food for your family.

These are just two ways that kitchen towels can help you live a more hygienic life but there are many more ways. So say goodbye to cloths and any other cleaning up system in the kitchen and opt for Bashundhara’s kitchen towel.


Paper Napkins and the perfect meal experience

Paper Napkins

Paper napkins have become a part of our daily lives weather we notice it or not. They have many purposes and are used in various places to combat various situations in our day to day lives. It is most prominent at places where meals are served, be it at a hotel, restaurant or even a university cafeteria. These napkins help combat and prevent many problems. Some ways that gives you the perfect meal experience are-

Clean up your plate:

Before a person even starts eating they are handed a paper napkin along with their plate. Some people use this to clean up their hands before eating while others may use it to clean up utensils or even wipe the plate clean. This ensures the cleanliness factor is taken care of before the meal arrives.

Clean the mess up:

Once the person is eating, paper napkin can serve many purposes then as well. For example if a person spills anything when eating, whether it is on the table or on their clothes, the first thing that they do is reach for that paper napkin to clean the mess up.

After meal cleanliness:

Then comes the last phase of the meal, when the deserts have been finished and the meal is over. The first thing one does is to wash their hands followed by wiping it. Instead of using towels available at the restrooms it is a safer option to use the paper napkin as it is more hygienic.

These are just a few ways that paper napkins serve a great purpose before, during and after a meal and besides these the uses of a paper napkin is endless and as we know Bashundhara paper napkin is not only of the best quality but Is also hygienic so always choose Bashundhara’s paper napkin.